Hunting Cover Scent for the Successful Hunting of Whitetail Deer
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Disappear Cover Scent was developed over thirty years ago, to provide that ONE scent, that will give hunters an advantage in
scent control. It has been successfully utilized all over North America, while hunting big game, in all types of hunting situations.
The ingredients in this scent allow you to hunt when you have the opportunity, and not worry if you have the right scent. Deer are
comfortable with this scent throughout the year.

This cover scent consists of a 100% natural whitetail deer tarsal gland extract, blended with food scents, proven to be of constant
interest to deer, providing you with scent protection all year round, in any hunting situation. The presence of tarsal gland extract,
as well as choice food scents, will allow the scent at times, to act as an attractant, but more importantly, allow you to
"DISAPPEAR" from the deer's nose. It may be applied to your boots, to leave a scent trail, or directly to your clothing. While on
stand, you may want to soak some cotton balls, and place them strategically upwind from your position. Spraying the scent on
leaves will sometimes have deer attempt to eat them. The presence of the scent of tarsal glands appears to have calming effect,
allowing you to be more selective, as well as hunting relaxed deer.
Applying Disappear Cover Scent to a mock or active scrape will at times cause bucks to make repeated visits to enlarge the scrape
and leave their scent. The tarsal gland extract placed in a scrape, convinces bucks an interloper has moved in on them.

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Gerald Stone collected yet another fine buck on September 15,
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