Whitetail Deer Scent used by Successful Deer Hunters
Available in 4 oz pump spray bottles
The use of scents has been the subject of many discussions, over the span of time,
and there have been types of scents, too numerous to mention, available to
hunters, over the years. I want to share these thoughts with you readers.
There a four basic types of scents. Rut or urine, food attractant, scent
elimination, and cover scents. Scent elimination, has always been somewhat of a
puzzle to me, because as long as we are alive and breathing, we are constantly
emitting more scent. I confess, I am not sure how we can totally eliminate our
scent, disperse yes, eliminate? The rut/urine and attractant scents are very
effective when the timing and location are right. This type of usage normally
requires multiple scents to cover different possibilities.
This is the thinking that led me to concentrate on a cover scent, which would be
the only one I need, without regard to geographical location or time of year. I
raised deer for some years and used them to determine, which food scents were
constantly of a high interest to them. Then I found a way to extract the tarsal
gland scent, which always is of interest to a deer, not just during the rut ( think
about this for a moment, what do dogs do immediately when they meet? ) and
blend these together, for an effective cover scent. The majority of whitetail deer
in this country live in some proximity of humans. So think about this; if a deer fled
in terror, every time they received a whiff of human scent, they would probably
die of heart attacks. There are hikers, campers, anglers, farmers, ranchers, and
etc that are frequently running into deer, in their habitat.
Discussing this fact with biologists gave me this insight. As scent leaves it's
source, it begins to fan out, thus dispersing it's intensity. It is the opinion of
various biologists, that I have had discussion with, that a deer learns at what level
of scent intensity, represents danger.
A good cover scent mixed with our human scent seems to give the deer the
opinion, we are farther away, than we actually are, thus giving you a deer that is
more at ease around you and much easier to successfully hunt. The other strong
point of a quality cover/attractant scent, is the fact, that deer have a reason to
come to your location, in a relaxed state, giving you a better chance to harvest
the deer of your choice.
Disappear Cover Scent is a scent, that will provide you
with an edge during your next hunting opportunity.